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Where accessible repairs meet environmental inspiration through intelligent collaboration in our engaging community.

Project Brief:

Zing fosters an engaging community focused on efficient repairs that ignite creativity and promote environmental responsibility.

Project Focus: 

Future Conceptualization & Strategic Branding Innovation 


14 weeks project

Zing Team

Grace Cai

Sunny Wang

Zing is an engaging community system that provides people with efficient repair services that inspire creativity and encourage environmental responsibility.

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We are living in a world with...

Rapid product upgrading

Increased consumer product waste

High non-repairability of the product

Due to the rapid evolution of modern technology and society, product updates are accelerated. This constant pursuit of trendy products has led to an increase in consumer waste. Product repairability is low, often necessitating disposal due to planned obsolescence, making it challenging to pass on the benefits of good-quality products.


What do people think about repairing for themselves?

The majority still perceive repair as troublesome. While varying levels of prior self-service repair experience influence one's enjoyment, the pivotal factor determining engagement is the availability of repair resources. Whether it's the absence of reliable repair platforms or limited access to essential parts, doubts persist regarding the feasibility of self-service repair.

See Full Future Casting Timeline

What if...

What if a dynamic community platform exists where people can efficiently and effectively repair broken products?

What if this space also serves as a wellspring of inspiration for those searching for creative ideas from repaired items?

As individuals engage in the repair process, they discover its attainability and derive a profound sense of fulfillment and satisfaction from the results.

Make the "current use" to be "durable use."

We aim to elevate repair resources' effectiveness, efficiency, and accessibility, simplifying customer repair processes. We provide an engaging community system that offers efficient repair services, sparking creativity and fostering environmental responsibility.



How can we help consumers improve their repair experience?


What will the future of consumer product repair look like?


How can we demonstrate social responsibility in future sustainable development?

Design for the inclusive community 

For people who want...

Easy-to-understand guide to repair,
Helpful & Reliable platform/organization,
Repair experience reference and sharing,
Expert suggestions,
Accessible tools & parts.



Young Audlt





65 years or more


Low, medium, high


City, suburban, rural living


Distinctive culture, religion

Brand Attributes

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Accessible Experience

Environmentally Responsible

Inspiring Creativity

Intelligent Collaboration

Engaging Community

Design For Repair

Zing Pod

Private & Independent

Zing Cafe

Conversational & Inclusive


Unlock Your Repair Journey

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Zing Pod

Independent self-workspace, assisting users to solve problems efficiently and quickly。

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A private repairspace with all you need

Zing Pods, strategically located in cities across various locations, are exclusive repair stations equipped with an intelligent system. This innovative setup empowers users to easily and efficiently repair items, eliminating unnecessary complexities from the process.

Locker & 3D Printer

Smart Workstation

Tools & Parts
Recycling bucket

Small but fully equipped

The Zing Pod comprises three main modules: a storage area for users' items, a convenient, enveloping work table for repair operations, and dedicated spaces for renting repair tools and recycling waste products.

Navigating the Zing Realm

1. Discovering

1. Discovering

A dynamic virtual workstation with the exclusive MR Goggle

The Zing Pod's system enhances the user's repair experience through intuitive touch panels and sleek interfaces that visualize crucial information. This streamlined approach simplifies the repair process and adds a visually appealing element.

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An efficient technology of smart scanning

Simply place the damaged product on the table, and let the system take care of the rest. The Zing Pod's repair system employs an efficient troubleshooting method, thoroughly detecting the user's damaged product by scanning its built-in chip. This seamless process enables consumers to access all traceable information needed for troubleshooting swiftly and ensures an effective and hassle-free resolution without any complex user operations.

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Fully understand product information to facilitate follow-up and longer-term maintenance

Displayed on a holographic projection in front of users, product information is readily accessible. This transparency ensures easy access to crucial details for both immediate repairs and future use, encompassing product repairability, background information, and internally related parts data.


Micro-robots efficiently and accurately detect issues

Zing employs micro-robots to comprehensively detect damaged products, precisely identifying the broken parts by accessing the internal components. This allows for thorough scanning and detection of both evident issues and subtle intricacies, ensuring no detail is overlooked.

Micro robot come out 3.jpg

Design generated with the assistance of AI technology

The system provides real-time detection updates, visually highlighting specific damaged sections for potential further repair planning.

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Elaborate MR visual guidance builds up an easier repair process

Zing's AI voice system, complemented by explicit visual cues, empowers users to understand repair steps intuitively. It offers continuous, step-by-step guidance during the repair process, allowing users to seek assistance anytime. Furthermore, users can conveniently access product information when choosing their repair tools.


3. Repairing 

Spare Yourself the Hassle of Choosing and Buying Trivial Parts

The pod offers a range of convenient repair tools available for direct rental by users. After diagnosing the issue, a tailored fixing plan and the necessary parts are recommended to minimize the user's repair costs. Additionally, users have easy access to product information when selecting repair tools.


Furthermore, users can conveniently access product information when choosing their repair tools.

An economical approach to prolong the lifespan of damaged items

The Pod offers a 3D printing parts service, allowing users to place orders for their desired designs and quantities anytime. Additionally, customization options are available to cater to specific preferences.

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4. Recycle

Create new stories for discarded items

Zing Pod transforms unused and older products, extracting more value from them. By recycling and reprocessing, these items are granted a second life and made available to interested consumers.

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The Zing Pod is designed for private, individual use. Next, let's focus on the Zing Cafe, another integral aspect of our community.


Zing Café


Welcome to the new world of repair

An open social space for users to better understand the significance of repair and help them solve repair problems more profoundly.

Zing Café offers a social space for consumers to seek assistance with repairs. Here, they can discuss repair techniques, share their fixing experiences, and explore various topics related to product restoration.

Share your concerns; we're here to help fix any product issue

Consumers have the opportunity for one-on-one consultations with our skilled repair experts in the café, addressing their product-fixing concerns. This service caters mainly to elderly individuals in search of tailored solutions for their cherished older items.


Select and customize your "new" story

The items reclaimed in Zing Pod are reprocessed and displayed for sale in this area. Customers can purchase their preferred products or customize unique designs.

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Creative repair workshops

The Zing Cafe is dedicated to actively promoting sustainable practices within the community. We engage and educate interested consumers through regularly organized themed workshops on item repairs, fostering a culture of repair and sustainability. Attendees not only acquire valuable repair knowledge but also have the opportunity to socialize and form meaningful connections. They can learn, share, and communicate with others, getting more inspiring ideas from here. 

This initiative underscores Zing Cafe's commitment to social responsibility and the advancement of sustainable development for the community and society.


Zing is dedicated to refining repair resources for seamless, efficient solutions. We're more than just a service - an engaging community fostering creativity, environmental stewardship, and building a more responsible and interconnected community. With Zing, you'll experience accessibility, responsibility, and a space for collaboration. Together, we're transforming the repair landscape and nurturing a sustainable future for all. 

Design Process

Thank you.

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