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Project Brief:

A coffee table that allows people to enjoy the moment of their peace of mind in their busy daily schedule.

Project Focus: 

Design story & Fabrication


14 weeks project

Wander is a small coffee table made of black-coated aluminum and bronze-colored glass. ​


The shape is inspired by the changing process of a solar eclipse, representing the constant wandering of inner human emotions.

The design goal is to create a quiet corner for people to enjoy their own peaceful moments in their busy schedules.


The pandemic brought profound changes, a sense of lost time and irreplaceable moments with loved ones. Many grapple with job loss and self-discovery, navigating a journey marked by partings, failures, and moments of doubt in the quest to rediscover their life's path.

Much like a lunar eclipse, darkness descends unexpectedly, swallowing everything in its path and gradually eroding the light of life. Yet, it is not permanent; shadows recede, yielding to dawn, symbolizing the inner struggle to perceive the world and embrace the present.

 I want it to convey the emotional atmosphere as:
Quiet, Contemplative, Secluded, Isolated, Mysterious


Enjoy this moment of tranquility and slow reflection, and immerse yourself in time alone.

The all-matte black surface of the frame with bronze accents creates a sense of solitude and mystery. It invites you to contemplate this moment.

Asymmetrically shaped supports for the left and right sides of the table legs convey the conflict and contradiction between the current situation of the self and the external reality.

The strong contrast between the black solid part and the transparent tinted glass simulates the light entangled in darkness during the lunar eclipse. See through the glass as if the inside ego wanders between different states.

In this busy world, seize the moment of peace, no matter how the outside world changes, but focus on yourself; you are always you.

The concise lines and seamless edge of the screw cap endue Wander with a sense of elegance and delicacy. Everyone stands in a specific space in the world, alone, forming their own circle.

Smooth and consistent parting lines with a modern touch bring more static aesthetics enjoyment. 


The adjustable bronze glass allows you to expand to the range you like. It represents that we have been struggling in the shadow of life, but we come out of the darkness step by step if we try hard. 

Allow the past self, whether good or bad, to die, embrace your present self, take whatever “wander” you have with you, start again, continue to go forward, and live in the moment.

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Furniture Sketch.png

Prototype Test