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Hi, I'm Grace Cai.

My passions brought me to the art world: photography, music, cooking, and travel, leading me to Industrial Design. 
As a Designer, I approach my w
ork with an open attitude, always seeking to expand my horizons and explore a variety of design fields.  Whether it's lifestyle products, consumer electronics, or furniture, I solve problems that allow for there to be an emotional connection. I explore conceptual ideas and consider needs and trends, behaviors and resources, and their overall impact on our lives. Whether I’m designing products or strategies,  I find opportunities that share my passion for the human experience, now and in the future. 



I cherish using photography to capture the world I've experienced. Those moments are irreplaceable treasures.

Creating and savoring cuisine is the juice of my well-being. I find serenity and liberation in the act of cooking.


I relish exploring diverse cities and engaging with a variety of people. It's a profound way for me to forge meaningful connections with the world.

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