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Project Brief:

This is a series of lights that emulates the serene shifts of natural sky colors. Offering solace and relaxation, it's a source of comfort for those dwelling in dimly illuminated environments over prolonged periods.

Project Focus: 

Lighting Properties & Experiments & Design Story


14 weeks project

As urban areas expand and populations grow, housing resources become more strained, leading to increasingly densely distributed housing. Many people are forced to live in small spaces, and the construction of taller concrete buildings has removed their access to natural light. This has resulted in many urban dwellers finding themselves confined and dimly lit spaces devoid of natural elements.

The pandemic has forced people to stay in such environments for an extended period, which can lead to a
disconnection from nature.

It is time to bring elements of nature back into urban dwellings and reintroduce the benefits of nature into their daily lives.

Instead of simply illuminating a dark room, prioritize lighting up people's emotions by recreating a nature experience that evokes well-being and helps them feel more immersed in their living space.


Embrace Nature's Dance,

Illuminate Your Ambiance.

Introduce sky colors to the house

The ever-changing sky

The sky, an artist's dream, a priceless gift,
A palette that's never what it seems,
From dawn 'til dusk, it wears new hues,
A breathtaking sight for me and you.

Seasons and time, shape its tone,
A canvas that's never alone,
With each daily shift, a new masterpiece,
Nature's wonder shall never cease.
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Light Back.245 ps2.jpg

Catch the beautiful skies around the world.

Customers can seize the exhilarating chance to immortalize their beloved city skies.

They can record these breathtaking moments while traveling and enjoying their adventures, customize the light color sheets to suit their preferences, and bring the treasure of the beautiful sky to their home.
It's a unique way to create unforgettable memories and enhance the joy of exploration and play.

Front & Back side acylics

LED strip

Middle bending part

Color sheet 


LED strip

Top part for changing color sheet

Immerse yourself, headphones recommended







New Mexico



Filmy Lighting Experiments

Filmy Lighting Experiment 1.0:

Material: white acrylic + color sheets + LED strips

1/8'' thick white acrylic sheet

1 LED Strip

1/8'' thick white acrylic sheet

3 LED Strips

1/4'' thick white acrylic sheet

3/8'' thick white acrylic sheet

1/2'' thick white acrylic sheet

Sky Color Light Quality Collection


The blur

between darkness and light,
between sky and land,
between heaven and earth,
between inland and coastal,
between flash and permanent...

Test the lighting effect with different prototyping approaches.

Filmy Lighting Experiment 2.0:

Prototype 2:

Laster cut 12‘’ x 2.5'' x 5'' with 0.5'' thick fillets, stack all pieces together

I love the misty edge. So I created more prototypes to test the light quality like this in experiment 3.0.

Prototype 3 & 4:

Front, left & right sides acrylic piece: 1/8'' thick
Top & Bottom pieces: 1/8'' thick
Back side: 1/2'' thick
Dimensions: 12'' x 2'' x 5''