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Project Brief:

An AR goggle with user-friendly controls through voice commands, gestures, and touch interactions enhances the riders' journey.

Project Focus:

Modeling & CMF


4 weeks project

The project has no direct affiliation with the brand.

Goggle top view 2.212.jpg

Founded in 1887 as a piano manufacturer, Yamaha Corporation has evolved into a global leader in motorcycles, known for its technological prowess and design innovation. With a legacy spanning over a century, Yamaha is a symbol of precision engineering, revered by riders worldwide.

Dedicated to providing riders with unmatched journeys on the open road, Yamaha is poised to introduce the groundbreaking Jetstream AR Goggle, fusing innovation with a legacy of pushing technological boundaries for an elevated riding experience.

Front view .197 ps.jpg

Jetstream is an AR goggle with a built-in camera that captures scenic moments and essential information. User-friendly controls include voice commands, gestures, and touch interactions. Real-time GPS positioning ensures accurate feedback, delivering a smoothly integrated tech experience for riders.

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Keywords: Adventurous, Untamed, Nimble



Explore the Extraordinary, Where Past Meets Progress

More Details

Camera detail_edited.png

Equipped with a built-in camera for capturing scenery and sensors to collect information along the way.

Speaker and On/Off button, start the journey at one moment.

Right detail.185.png

The angular shape and dynamic, stylish lines are crafted to impart a cool and modern aesthetic.

Glass leg detail.2.238 ps.png

Untamed Vistas, Adventure Redefined, Style Unleashed, Jetstream, Your Road Companion.

Glass for male model 3_edited.jpg
Goggle for female model ps2_edited.jpg

Smoother Journeys with Jetstream

Offers real-time guidance tailored to diverse navigation scenarios, facilitating seamless and efficient rider travel. The system delivers timely alert notifications near sidewalks in bustling urban settings, ensuring heightened awareness.

Additionally, users receive pertinent details on nearby parking facilities, including pricing information, empowering them to plan for parking at their destination proactively.


While traversing long-distance highways, Jetstream's voice prompts swiftly guide you to the nearest gas station based on your vehicle's fuel consumption, ensuring convenient and timely refueling.

Jetstream enhances outdoor travel safety with road topography maps in low visibility. Wildlife warnings prepare riders for potential crossings or wildlife-prone areas.

Discover scenic spots and landmarks on your outdoor journey, accompanied by detailed information about nearby trails for reference and exploration.

Color Exploration

All goggle dynamic with backgorund ps.jpg
Glass gray 3.211 ps.png

Pearl Dark Grey

Glass gold 2.209 ps.png

Pearl Mouse Grey

Glass Gunmetal Gray.205 ps.png

Slate Gray

Glass blue.202 ps.png

City Blue

Glass blue green.206.png

Flashy Teal

Glass orange 2.214.png

Blaze Orange

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