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Project Brief: 

Envision a welcome kit for Delta Airlines to generate anticipation among travelers for their upcoming trip and promote repeat business post-pandemic.

Project Focus:

Graphics & Concept branding


12 weeks project

The project has no direct affiliation with the brand: Delta Airlines.

The global COVID-19 pandemic led to widespread confinement. As the US industries recover, businesses are innovating to attract customers and offset economic losses. Anticipate a resurgence in air travel as the desire for exploration grows.

Delta, as the leading global airline in the US for products, services, innovation, reliability, and customer experience, is poised to take advantage of the upcoming summer travel boom. The airline plans to offer a welcome kit to travelers as a celebration of their return and a well-wish for the remainder of their trip.

Share of U.S Spending

Before the covid-19, California has attracted million of tourist annual.

Despite a COVID-19 hit, California's tourism remains vital for the economy. Companies are implementing new measures to revitalize the state's tourism economy and welcome visitors after reopening.

The Delta Welcome Kit is thoughtfully curated for travelers bound for California. As passengers prepare to embark, our attentive flight attendants will distribute this kit for use upon their arrival in the Golden State.

Packaging Branding

Theme -  Summer In California






California Scent

Citrus Cocktails
mint, bergamot, lime, grapefruit

The kit encapsulates two quintessential California natural scents —— citrus and forest, crafting a captivating experience that will resonate with passengers.

Hazy Forest
white fir, palm tree, white sage

It's time to embark on the California summer adventure for all travelers!

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Open box top view.123.jpg
Open box with sunglass and case.122.jpg

Carry a piece of California as you soar through the skies.

Unbox the essence of the Golden State today!

Box Items

Forest Freshness: Sanitize your hands while being enveloped in the rejuvenating essence of California's towering forests. A touch of the wild, a whiff of nature – embark on your adventure with clean hands and a revitalizing spirit.

Soak in the Journey: Catch a whiff of California's sun-soaked landscapes while safeguarding your skin with our sunscreen stick. It's a fragrant reminder of sun-kissed adventures.

Memory in Miniature: Apply the surfboard from a California beach into the design. Carry your California memories in this Thumbnail USB Driver. Compact yet capacious, it holds the essence of your journey, ready to unlock your cherished moments with a simple click.

Coastal Highway Vistas: With a design inspired by the California Coastal Highway, these sunglasses offer more than just sun protection. They're your window to the state's breathtaking landscapes. When not in use, nestle them in their case, keeping the allure of your journey safely stored until your next gaze.

Logo Developments

Color Inspiration  

Twilight | Palm Tree | Sunset | Beach | Desert | Mountain

Style Inspiration

Logo Name

Logotype Development


Mono Color


Logotype Refinement

Full Color

Color Mark

Graphics Developments

Label Design

Color Variation

Sunset Sorbet

Misty Dawn

Violet Horizon

Radiant Ember

4 box together_edited.jpg

Experience California from Takeoff!

Choose a kit that resonates with your adventure, from fiery sunsets to tranquil coastal blues.

Many boxs pukai 2.106.jpg

Box Dieline

Corrugated Box

Inner Dimensions

L: 196.4mm W: 192.4mm H: 44.4mm


Outer Dimensions: 

L: 201.4mm W: 193.9mm H: 45.4mm


Manufacture Dimensions:

L: 201mm W: 193mm H: 45mm

Type E Flute Cardboard

  • The ​thinner profile and lightweight save storage space for easy shipping

  • Great cushioning

  • Highly economical

  • The smoother surface can be advantageous for printing high-quality graphics or labels.

  • Environmentally Friendly

Manufacturing Process:

  • Combination printing: Flexographic Printing Press & Letterpress Printing

  • Spot PMS Color

Box Inserts

Manufacturing Process:

  • Made from a mixture of recycled paper, water, and additives.

  • The mixture is pulped, molded, and dried to create the final product.

  • It can be molded into various shapes and sizes.

  • The use of recycled materials and eco-friendly processes may lead to cost savings in terms of material sourcing.


  • Lightweight yet sturdy.

  • Provides excellent shock absorption and cushioning, making it ideal for protecting fragile items during transit.

  • Can be molded into intricate and customized shapes, offering a snug fit for the product it houses.

  • Biodegradable and environmentally friendly, as it is made from recycled materials and can be recycled after use.

Processed Molded Pulp

Manufacture Dimensions: 

L: 200.69 mm W: 191.96 mm H: 40mm


You’ve arrived, 

Welcome to California!

Enjoy your trip!

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