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Canon Seeker

Picture-perfect moments, anytime, anywhere

Project Brief:

Design a Canon theme smartphone for travelers or photography enthusiasts to carry their professional camera & device simultaneously.

Project Focus: 

3D Modeling & Rendering


8 weeks project

The project has no direct affiliation with the brand.

Do you still remember those unforgettable travel experiences that you have? 

Or those wonderful moments along the way that were caught?

​Or the time that you got peaceful from the beautiful moment?

No matter what those are, appreciate the lens for recording every precious momeries.


Canon & I

The Canon DSLR camera has been my steadfast companion and a source of inspiration in my photography journey. Since my teenage years, it has faithfully documented the beautiful moments of my life, traversing the world with me and standing by my side through countless days and nights. I'm grateful for my Canon lenses, as they've bestowed a unique significance upon each moment, from capturing breathtaking landscapes during my travels to immortalizing cherished people, adventurous escapades, and tranquil leisure moments. These are the memories that I hold dear.

Photography from my Canon DSLR camera

Why Canon Seeker?

As electronic technology has advanced, mobile phone camera quality has made significant strides, rivaling some of the effects achievable with standard DSLR cameras. However, for enthusiasts like myself who have a deep affection for DSLR photography, nothing can truly replace the experience of using a dedicated camera.



The sense of ritual in capturing a shot — from pressing the shutter to adjusting and extending the lens, and even the tactile sensation of holding the camera body — is a unique pleasure. It feels as though these moments were captured serendipitously yet with a profound sense of purpose. They hold an irreplaceable value.


Relaxing & Enjoyable

Suppose Canon cameras could seamlessly integrate with the smartphones that nearly everyone possesses. Wouldn't it open up a world of accessibility for photography enthusiasts weary of the expense and heft of traditional SLRs? This could transform every photo-taking moment into a relaxed and enjoyable experience.

Heavy Body

Yet, owing to the bulk of SLR cameras and their impracticality in portability, many people have the convenience of mobile phone photography. Must we always compromise between portability and quality, unable to have both?

What if Canon cameras can combine with a smartphone?

Transferring the heavyweight of DSLR to be light and delicate, portable and unique, brings a more accessible and relaxing approach to people taking photos. 



The Canon DSLR camera's design language served as a wellspring of inspiration for me. The distinctive red and black color scheme and the timeless form of the camera body stand as quintessential symbols of the Canon brand.

Canon insight page edited.png
Phone resketch1.jpg


When the lens is not in use, there is a protective cover. Feel at ease, and safe to put in the pocket.

Phone sceen detail.jpg


Smooth, silky edges provide the ultimate finishing touch.

Easy-to-operate dial for quick and effective photo selection.


Back view focus on the camera_edited.jpg


The Timeless Lens Ritual: See the World in a New Light.

网格模式 & 画廊模式

Two picture viewing modes are available: grid mode and gallery mode. Users can navigate through pictures by either using the digital dial or rotating the dial at the corner of Seeker.


Seeker caters to most user scenarios, featuring five primary shooting modes - Landscape, Sports, Portrait, Night Scene, and Auto. Switching between modes is seamless, thanks to the user-friendly dial interface.


Effortlessly fine-tune exposure and other parameters using the convenient corner dial, allowing you to capture the perfect moment in under a second.

"Delight you always."

———— Canon 


Infuse every moment with unforgettable significance.

Two phone back view.58.jpg

Thank you.

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