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Nest Applicaiton

Build an application for the new generation of parents, improving the convenience of online shopping for baby essentials with a highly efficient experience. (2021 Fall 4 weeks projects)

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Macro Trend

Covid-19 significantly accelerated the trend of mobile online shopping.

In the past few years, profound societal changes have rapidly altered our lives. Forced adjustments have prompted a shift to a new mode of living, particularly impacting those who valued the hands-on shopping experience. Exploring options in-store before committing to a purchase now feels like a distant memory.


Target Group

Age: millennial & Gen Z (1980-2003, about 18-40 years old)

These two groups will be the mainstream consumers of baby products.

Region: America

  • Millennials account for 22% of the population in the United States.

  • In the coming 10 to 15 years, 80% of Millennials will be parents.

  • About 1 in 5 of the mothers in America are millennials.

  • More than 1MM millennials are becoming moms each year.

  • 67% of Millennial Moms are multi-cultural.

  • 53% of Millennial moms are working full-time.

Main pain points for new generation parents in online baby product shopping:

1. Complex product information

  • ChallengeThe product content is vast, and brand information is cluttered and lacks completeness.

  • Impact: It causes diminished user experience and hampers informed decision-making.

2. Complex Navigation:

  • Challenge: Confusing or convoluted app navigation.

  • Impact: Users may struggle to find specific products or relevant information easily.

3. Insufficient Visual Representations:

  • Challenge: Lack of detailed images or virtual representation of baby products.

  • Impact: Users may hesitate to make purchases without a clear visual understanding of the product.

What do they value when they purchase baby products?

Millennials prioritize service over convenience, selection, and loyalty programs.

These parent groups expect swift access to information and services from brands.

Gen Z parents demand transparent, quickly accessible product information for informed, sustainable purchasing decisions from large retailers.

42% of Gen Z parents focus on environmental protection, compared to 34% and 33% among older and young millennials.

They seek expert advice for baby product purchases and use social media to share kid-related content and connect with other parents for advice.

New parents seek relatable content depicting daily life with a baby, emphasizing the need for affordable and effective products and services.

These groups are big spenders, willing to invest in high-quality baby products, even if they come at a higher cost.

They prefer unique and stylish products; showcasing the product's uniqueness in advertisements is key to capturing their attention.

UX Meso Trend

Creative data visualization

Infusing creativity into product analytics, data visualization employs unique graphs, animations, and colors correlated with data to enhance engagement and compellingly deliver information.

Useful, actionable content

People are inclined to purchase from companies with mobile sites or apps that facilitate easy access to information. Therefore, clearly articulating the problem a product solves in its descriptions becomes crucial.

Personalized experience

As users access abundant web content, apps and websites personalize experiences based on factors like location, demographics, and behavior. The UX designer's aim is to narrow the gap between user expectations and actual experiences, creating tailored journeys.

Visual Commerce

Online shoppers miss the visual experience of brick-and-mortar stores, but virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) offer an immersive solution during lockdowns, providing a simulated and engaging product exploration.

Color Trend


Bright hues like Nasturtium defy conventions, injecting energy and signaling steps towards a brighter future for all.


Restful and reassuring tones are essential, with Crystal offering a clean and calming pale tint, while Halogen Blue provides a versatile mid-tone that is both soothing and invigorating.

Wellness-inspired natural

Wellness-inspired natural with an even mix of warm and cool shades, creating a comforting sense of balance. Clean off-white Ivory, warming Oatmeal, and barely pink Duvet form a versatile set of neutrals.

UX Design

Nest specializes in baby products, but the wide variety and cluttered brand information often result in a lack of comprehensive overview, complicating the selection process for new parents. However, Nest's streamlined, user-friendly product display interface facilitates easy access to crucial information. Users can visually gauge product recommendations and explore virtual scenarios on the overview page, enhancing the overall visual experience and aiding decision-making.

Simplifying the baby product maze

Nest presents visual data, charts, and additional insights into raw material sources and manufacturing processes in the product details section. This empowers customers with a direct understanding of product features, material tracking, and overall advantages, streamlining the purchasing decision and saving time for users.

Visual insights for informed buying

More detailed information about the manufacturing process.

Parenting wisdom unleashed in the nest community

Holistic Reviews

In the product review section, items are assessed across four dimensions: 'quality, safety, material, and uniqueness,' offering a more intuitive and transparent evaluation. Moreover, the comments filter high-quality, relevant reviews, simplifying users' understanding of the product's overall user experience.

Novice parents facing a lack of parenting experience and inconsistent online information benefit from Nest's community. The platform provides authoritative parenting lectures, empowering them with reliable knowledge. Within this community, new parents share experiences, engage in mutual learning, and discuss product choices, fostering confidence in selecting and nurturing their children.

Easy payments, happy parents

In the realm of payments, Nest supports a variety of international payment methods. Recognizing the preferences of budget-conscious parents, Nest offers the option of installment payments, enhancing convenience for users.

Navigate Parenthood's Marketplace with Confidence and Convenience.

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