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A vibrant community system offering efficient repairs, inspiring creativity, and promoting environmental responsibility.

Future Conceptualization /

Strategic Branding Innovation 

A coffee table that allows people to enjoy the moment of their peace of mind in their busy daily schedule.

Side Table / Fabrication / Design Story

Emulating serene natural sky color shifts, these lights provide solace and comfort to those in dimly lit spaces for extended periods.

Lighting Properties / Experiments 

A Canon theme smartphone for travelers or photography enthusiasts to carry their professional camera and device simultaneously, allow them to enjoy the travel in a easier way. 

3D Modeling / Rendering

A pair of aesthetically refined speakers ingeniously designed around established components and mechanical principles. 

Handcraft prototyping

An AR goggle with user-friendly controls through voice commands, gestures, and touch interactions enhances the riders' journey.

3D modeling / CMF

A hypothetical welcome kit to generate anticipation among travelers for their upcoming trip and promote revived business post-pandemic.

Packaging / Branding

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